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Lesion Removal

Lesion Removal
  • What are the common factors that lead someone to undergo a medical lesion removal?

  1. Infections, benign growths, allergic reactions, inflammatory conditions, trauma to the eyelid, systemic diseases

  • What are the signs someone is a good candidate for a  lesion removal?

  1. Visible bump on or surrounding eyelid, itching or irritation of the eyelid, changes in skin texture and color

  • What is a medical lesion removal?

  1. Lesions on the eyelid, such as chalazions or cysts, can cause discomfort, irritation, or vision obstruction. Removing these lesions can alleviate symptoms and improve eye comfort.Overall, the decision to undergo medical eyelid lesion removal is based on factors such as the nature of the lesion, its impact on symptoms or function, cosmetic considerations, and potential risks associated with leaving the lesion untreated.

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