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Cosmetic Brow Lift

Cosmetic Brow Lift
  • What are the common factors that lead someone to undergo a cosmetic brow lift procedure?

  1. Age-related brow ptosis and Genetics ( biological low brows)

  • What are the signs someone is a good candidate for a cosmetic brow lift?

  1. Frown lines on the forehead and “Tired” or “Angry” appearance due to droopy eyebrows and excess skin around upper eyelid area

  • What is a cosmetic brow lift?

  1. A cosmetic brow lift is designed to elevate and reshape the eyebrows to enhance the desire for facial harmony. Individuals may seek a brow lift to achieve greater facial symmetry and balance. It targets signs of aging by lifting the soft tissues of the forehead and repositioning the eyebrows to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing position.

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